The Empty Air is a soundwalk for Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, available as an iPhone application. Download the app to your phone, go to Rittenhouse and plug in your headphones. The composition will change as you wander through the park.

The Empty Air was written by Michael Kiley, performed by Michael, Eliza Hardy Jones, Chris Ward and Matt Riccini. Engineered, mixed and produced by Jonathan Low at Miner Street Recording in Philadelphia.

Thank you to all of our KickStarter Backers: Tamara Manik-Perlman, David Disbrow, Vincent Fumo, Inger Hatlen Daniels,  Meg Fry, Amy Morrissey, Dotty Kuhn, Dustin Hurt,  Joe Canuso, Kristen Buck, Johnny Showcase (David Sweeny), Joo Won Park, Makoto Hirano, James Michael, Paulette Canuso, Emmanuelle Delpech, Mauri Walton, Jess Conda, Ashley Witt-Farris, Sarah Gladwin Camp, Daniel Perelstein, Pop Pop Kiley, Justin, Trish Kelley, Lars America Jan, Geoff DiMassi, Justin Rising, Heather Murphy Monteith, Tom Weaver, Dee Nicholas, Noah Waibsnaider, David Stradley, Rick Kiley, Kim Gutjahr, Anna Drozdowski, Jaques Jean-Tiziou, Neal Mates, and Rucyl Mills.